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Asylum Procedure in Greece


How does the asylum procedure actually work in Greece? The unprecedented influx of migrants and refugees seeking asylum to Europe beginning in 2015 necessitated major legal and structural changes to asylum law in both EU policy writ large and individual domestic policy within member states. One issue that needed addressing in particular was [...]

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Free the Samos 2!


The real crime is the border regime - Justice for N. & Hasan After shipwreck, survivor faces more than 230 years for “boat driving” and father charged with the death of his 6-year-old child   On the Greek islands, the politics of criminalization and deterrence of refugees is escalating: in an [...]

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Relocation from Greece


Lessons learned and looking ahead. A joint NGO briefing paper. Since 2015, over 25,000 vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers, including unaccompanied children, have been relocated from Greece to other European countries. These relocation programmes – the result of Decisions of the Council of the EU establishing an emergency mandatory relocation scheme, bilateral agreements between [...]

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Camp movement on Samos


The new Refugee Camp on Samos officially opened on the 18th of September 2021. Greek authorities and several high-ranking politicians such as Notis Mitarakis, Greek Minister of Migration & Asylum and Beate Gminder, Head of the "Task Force Migration Management" for the European Commission 'inaugurated' the new Closed Controlled Access Center of Samos. All [...]

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Our history


The Refugee Law Clinic Berlin (RLCB) started the legal information project on Samos in 2018. The organisation provided legal support in the form of interview preparations, legal information and workshops. As the project on Samos started to grow over the last years, the organisation of RLCB decided to set up an independent organisation [...]

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N.E. and others v. Greece No. 8716/20


European Court of Human Rights: Pregnant asylum seekers claim inhuman or degrading treatment in Samos ‘hotspot’ in legal proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights  In the case N.E. and others v. Greece, currently pending before the European Court of Human Rights, the applicants submitted their response to the observations of [...]

N.E. and others v. Greece No. 8716/202023-04-19T13:02:13+00:00

F.A. v. Greece No. 63297/19


European Court of Human Rights: Another pregnant woman takes action against the living conditions in the Samos “hotspot.” On 5th March 2021, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) informed the representative of the applicant in F.A. v. Greece that the Greek government had rejected a friendly settlement and that the case [...]

F.A. v. Greece No. 63297/192022-02-04T17:37:21+00:00

H.A. v. Greece No. 59670/19


European Court of Human Rights: Greek government agrees to pay compensation for inhumane and degrading living conditions in the Samos “hotspot” On 21 January 2021, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) published a decision in the case of Ms. H.A through which it confirmed a settlement between the parties. Ethiopian national [...]

H.A. v. Greece No. 59670/192022-02-04T17:37:44+00:00
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