You have rights…

Waiting their asylum procedure in the “hotspots”, many people reside in degrading living conditions that violate their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.

…together we will reclaim them!

“Nine months pregnant I was serverely ill, suffering from anaemia and preeclampsia. I had to share a tent with 14 people. At night, I shivered so much I could not sleep.

After the European Court of Human Rights issued an interim measure the authorities moved me to the mainland.”

Layla*, gave birth to her healthy baby in April 2020

“My tent is full of insects and got destroyed by the weather twice. One of the two thin blankets I have I use as a pillow, I do not have a mattress.

The European Court of Human Rights ordered the Greek authorities to provide me with an adequate accomodation.”

Kian*, 16 is waiting to be transferred to a special facility

“I suffer from a uterine fibroid and lose a lot of blood every day. Most days I am too weak to stand up in order to get food or use the facilities.

After the European Court of Human Rights granted me two interim measures the Greek authorities at least moved me to a flat.”

Amal*, her third follow-up request is still pending

* Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

How it works

Currently, access to justice is out of reach for most asylum seekers in the “Hotspots” at the European Border.
By requesting interim measures we support individuals in their claim for human rights.

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IHaveRights envisions a European society based on universal human rights, and access to justice for everybody. This tool is run by the independent non-profit organization Refugee Law Clinic Berlin e.V.

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