Our international team is working hard to implement our goals. Our caseworkers, interpreters, lawyer and legal coordinator are doing their best to support our beneficiaries in their asylum procedure. In the meantime, our advocacy and communications team also present on Samos keeps a close eye on the situation to better advocate for change. External volunteers are also contributing to the I Have Rights effort working in the Litigation, Finances, and Mental Health task forces. The administrative tasks of the organisation are handled by two administrative coordinators.

Team on Samos

Stavroula Georgaliou
Stavroula GeorgaliouLawyer
Ella Dodd
Ella DoddLegal Coordinator
Noa Paul
Noa PaulCaseworker
Coline Guyart
Coline GuyartCaseworker
Agathe Schramm
Agathe SchrammAdvocacy & Communications Officer
Réka Rebeka Rósa
Réka Rebeka RósaTeam Coordinator & Caseworker

Core Group members

Selman Atici
Selman AticiCore Group Member
Sam Jubb
Sam JubbFinances & Administration
Klara Kothe
Klara KotheBoard Member | Strategic Litigation
Phil Mertsching
Phil Mertsching Core Group Member
Mareike Kessler
Mareike KesslerAdministrative Coordinator
Paulina Böse
Paulina BöseBoard Member | Finances & Administration | Mental Health
Greta Wessing
Greta WessingBoard Member | Finance Coordinator
Tanja Rollett
Tanja RollettCore Group Member
Léa Vouillamoz
Léa VouillamozCore Group Member
Maria Fiebelkorn
Maria FiebelkornMental Health Task Force Coordinator
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