Person suffering from multiple kidney stones and Hydronephrosis

Application granted

Authorities have not complied yet

Living conditions at the time of the application

On 24 August 2020 the applicant has been diagnosed with 8 – 13 kidney stones in the General hospital Samos. He had been suffering these symptoms since his flight from Turkey. It was again diagnosed on 13/04/2021 in the General hospital Samos. Since the hospital on Samos is not able to properly assess and treat his kidney stones, they refered the applicant to a surgeon and urologist on the mainland. He is now living without any treatment and medication in the RIC. The kidney stones of the applicant have reached a certain stage, so that the body of the applicant is no longer able to expel the kidney stones. They are too large to be removed through the urethra. A surgery is necessary to remove the kidney stones. Without a removal of the kidney stones the applicant is exposed to serious life-threatening complications occurring at any time.

The authorities have been fully aware of his condition at least since August 2020 but have failed to provide the applicant with any meaningful medical assistance or treatment. The only treatment the Applicant has received to date are some painkillers supplied by the NGO Med’equaliteam.


On 7 May the Court decided to indicate to the Government of Greece to guarantee to the applicant living conditions compatible with Article 3 of the Convention having regard to the state of health and to provide the applicant with adequate healthcare.


The authorities have yet to comply with this. The applicant remains on Samos, and does not have access to adequate healthcare.

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