Pregnant woman (9th month)

Application granted

Authorites have followed the order of the Court

Living conditions at the time of the application

The Applicant, with her husband and young baby, have been living in a shack in the “jungle,” since January. The Greek authorities and UNHCR have been aware of her pregnancy since May, but have not provided accommodation or support.

The entirety of her savings were spent on purchasing an improvised shack and an old, used mattress when they first arrived. The shack roof is covered with plastic tarp that has since been destroyed, leaving the family vulnerable to the elements. Rain enters from the broken tarp and rats, insects, and snakes all enter the shack. This has triggered panic attacks.

The Applicant has to walk 10 minutes to the nearest toilet, a situation made significantly worse by pregnancy, and the bladder strain this causes. The walk is steep downhill and extremely slippery, making it dangerous for her to go alone.

The Applicant’s fragile mental health has been further tested by witnessing fights in the camp, and from the threat of fires such as that in September, which destroyed three containers nearby. She has not seen a midwife, and has only seen a doctor twice, despite the advanced stage of her pregnancy. She has suffered from low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, back pain, suicidal thoughts, and lost consciousness during a recent panic attack.


In November, the Court ordered to provide the Applicant with accommodation and healthcare that are compatible with her particular status.


The Applicant signed a geographical restriction lift paper. However, when she launched her subsequent application, her identification document was confiscated by the authorities. An identification document is required to leave the island, such as an asylum seekers card without the red stamp indicating the geographical restriction. She is therefore currently forced to remain on Samos.

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