Pregnant woman (8th month), twin pregnancy

Application granted

Authorities followed the order of the Court

Living conditions at the time of the application

The applicant is in need of specific medical observation as her twin pregnancy is considered a risk pregnancy. She used to live in a small tent together with her husband without any support from the authorities in the “jungle” surroundings of the RIC. The tent is surrounded by trash, insects and rats. In winter when temperatures dropped close to 0°C, the applicant suffered from cold without any protection. In order to relieve herself, she had to go to the bushes or walk uphill a long distance. During three fires on 26 April 2020, the applicant lost her tent and belongings and had to sleep on the bare ground in a small tent of a friend apart from her husband.


The Court indicated to the Government to guarantee the applicant living conditions compatible with her state of health and to provide the applicant with adequate healthcare.


Greek Authorities transferred the applicant to an apartment on the mainland where she gave birth to twins.

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