Pregnant Woman (7th month)

Application granted

 Applicant arrived in October 2019, the asylum interview was scheduled for June 2020 but postponed without any reason

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Living conditions at the time of the application

The applicant and her husband and their child live in an overcrowded container within the RIC. The container measures 24 m² and is inhabited by 13 people without any privacy. A large number of unknown camp residents regularly enters the container to use the sanitary facility. The toilet is therefore often dirty and broken. The applicant was not provided a mattress from the authorities and thus sleeps on cardboard. The container does not have a functioning AC which makes it unbearable to stay inside throughout the day. During three fires on 26 April 2020, violence around the container caused the applicant to sleep outside of the camp for several nights. In the meantime, the family`s belongings were stolen.


The Court indicated to the Government to guarantee the applicant living conditions compatible with her state of health and to provide the applicant with adequate healthcare.


Greek Authorities transferred the applicant to an apartment on the mainland where she gave birth to twins.

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