Pregnant Woman (6th month)

Application granted

Greek authorities have eventually followed the order of the Court

Living conditions at the time of the application

Since the applicant’s arrival to Samos in November 2019, she has not been provided with accommodation or additional assistance. The applicant lives in a tent in the so-called ‘jungle’, the forest surrounding the reception facility. She shares a tent with her husband and three other men. Since the applicant and her husband did not have money to buy a tent, they had to accept the offer of other asylum seekers to stay with them in their tent, which is designed for only three people. The tent is not waterproof. There are bed bugs in their mattress and in the tent. Rats enter the tent at night and snakes live in the surroundings. In order to reach the closest sanitary facilities, the applicant has to walk 10 minutes up/downhill and wait approx. 30 minutes. Usually, men and women use the same sanitary facilities. Therefore, the applicant does not feel safe and only goes to the toilet accompanied by her husband.

The quality of the food provided is very poor and in order to receive food the applicant would have to wait 3-4 hours. The applicant has been diagnosed with anaemia and tuberculosis. Yet, access to health care is limited and the living conditions are wholly inadequate.


The Court ordered to guarantee the applicant living conditions compatible with her state of health and prioritise the assessment of her vulnerability status.


The applicant continued to live in the ‘jungle’ for more than one month. Subsequently, she was offered to live in an apartment on Samos. Greek Authorities have complied with the Court’s order only after 6 weeks. The applicant was transferred to the mainland in December 2019.