Pregnant Woman (8th month)

Interim measures granted

Authorities have not followed the order of the Court

Living conditions at the time of the application

The applicant and her husband lived in a bought camping tent. They can’t stand in the tent, which they tried to keep waterproof with an extra plastic layer. Nevertheless, rats and worms regularly got into their tent. As all residents of the camp, they had to wait in line for food twice a day for several hours each time, not getting enough or sometimes even inedible food. The applicant had no access to hygienic toilets or showers. She had to use the public restrooms quite frequently, even though they were in no condition for a pregnant woman. The toilets were dirty, sometimes broken, water was not always available and the stalls not closable.


The Court ordered the Greek Authorities to transfer the applicant to an appropriate place, with access to healthcare compatible with her state of health, guarantee to the applicant adequate living conditions and prioritise the assessment of her vulnerability status on the 24th March 2020.


Until today, Greek Authorities have not followed the order of the Court. She gave birth early in May and in late May, the court extended the interim to the baby. The applicant was not transferred to the mainland and is still in the camp.