A newsletter from the communities living in Samos

“We are people from different communities living in the Closed Controlled Access Centre in Samos, Greece. In this newsletter, we are raising our voices to whoever is concerned against the difficulties we have in the camp of Samos.”

“We realised the need to raise awareness of the situations we are facing in the camp, so we are sharing insights on our daily life to amplify our voices.”

This newsletter, from title to content, has been written and curated by people who both currently live in and have lived in the Samos CCAC (Closes Controlled Access Centre).

I Have Rights, as part of the Samos Advocacy Collective, is supporting this project from the communities through publishing it on our website and Social Media. The newsletter contains a variety of contents such as poems, letters, small pieces of writing, a painting and a playlist. Please listen to the community and their thoughts and share the newsletter widely. If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, please feel free to send an email to samosadvocacycollective@gmail.com