This letter was shared with us from people that are currently protesting in the Samos Closed Controlled Access Center (CCAC). With their permission, we are sharing it here.


Greetings from the Concern Asylum Seekers of the Samos Camp. For quite too long, we have been going through a lot of Victimization in Samos Camp, which is eating the hearts of many Asylum Seekers in Samos Camp.

We have seen to it that silence cannot be the solution to the crisis of this dangerous virus. We have therefore decided to display this satisfaction through a peaceful protest by displaying placards with a written description of our dissatisfaction on them.

Below are the dissatisfactions:

  1. We have been experiencing a delay decision process which has always been negative. This time we need a speedy decision for Asylum Seekers and must be positive ones. We recommend that you give decision after one month of interview.
  2. Secondly, it has come to our notice that positive decisions are only given to some of our white friends, thereby neglecting the West African Countries like Sierra Leoneans, Ghanaians, Guinea, Nigerians, Cameroon, Congo, Uganda but a few. This time we want the positive decision to cut across all colors and continents.
  3. We have been deprived of good and sufficient food in the camp. The food that is supply to Asylum seekers in the camp is not something to write home about, so poor and not enough to sustain us for the day, sometimes we have to go extra to make sure we kept alive and us we all know that a hungry man is an angry man.
  4. It has also come to our notice that we are like in the prison. In other camps, the longest duration of stay of the people to get their card is twenty-five (25) days which helps for the freedom of movement.
  5. This we are seeing that you are breaking the policy of the UNHCR and human rights which allows freedom of movement. In Samos Camp, it is only when you have health problem that you will be granted open cards. We want to bring to your notice that we have not been convicted of any criminal offence and that we are just here for protection and so we need our cards open and transfers can be optional to ensure freedom of movement.


We hereby assured you that it is going to be a peaceful one, and the following rules would be strongly observe.

  1. No fighting during the protest,
  2. No throwing of stones or any objects,
  3. No use of Abusive Languages,
  4. No attack on personalities,
  5. No destroying of any camp properties.

Thanks for your understanding and your cooperation is highly solicited.

Faithfully yours,

Samos Asylum Seekers

To: the Camp Management

cc: UNHCR, Police Security Commander of the Camp, MSF, I have right Lawyers, International Journalist, International Body, Human Right