Prison-like conditions in Closed Controlled Access Centres (CCAC) on Samos and other Greek islands have devastating impacts on asylum seekers. People living in the CCAC on Samos report of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts as results of detention, isolation and inadequate medical and psychological treatment. Together with 20 other NGOs I HAVE RIGHTS calls for dignified reception of asylum seekers and fair access to asylum.

Living in the camp [CCAC] on Samos is a very difficult experience. They shouldn’t even give it the name ‘camp’; in my opinion it is a prison – there is no difference… Everyone is inside their container, nobody comes outside, everyone is depressed and sick in some way – from loneliness, from their legal situation or status, and other problems they have in their lives. We refugees are not guilty criminals, we are human, we came here with hope.Somali, African, Afghan, Arab – it doesn’t make a difference, we are all in the same situation.”

– Mehdi, describing conditions in the CCAC; Samos, May 2022.

Read the full joint statement in English.

Read the full joint statement in Greek

Signing Organisations:

  1. Action for Women
  2. Amnesty International
  3. ARSIS Association for the Social Support of Youth
  4. Changemakers Lab
  5. Choose Love
  6. Diotima Centre for Gender Rights & Equality
  7. Europe Must Act
  8. Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid
  9. Greek Council for Refugees (GCR)
  11. International Rescue Committee
  12. Irida Women’s Center
  13. Just Action
  14. Lesvos Solidarity
  15. Lighthouse Relief
  16. Mobile Info Team
  17. Northern Lights Aid
  18. Refugees International
  19. Refugee Legal Support (RLS)
  20. Samos Advocacy Collective
  21. Samos Volunteers
  22. Symbiosis-School of Political Studies, Council of Europe Network