I HAVE RIGHTS is supported by a team of international experts.
The team is composed of coordinators, lawyers, and volunteers. Many of them previously worked for the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin.

Greta Wessing
Greta WessingFinance Coordinator
Tanja Rollett
Tanja RollettCore Group Member
Mareike Kessler
Mareike KesslerAdministrative Coordinator
Sam Jubb
Sam JubbFormer Project Coordinator
Roxana Becker
Roxana BeckerCommunications & Advocacy Coordinator
Paulina Böse
Paulina BöseFinances, Administration & Mental Health
Klara Kothe
Klara KotheAdministration & Mental Health
Selman Atici
Selman AticiMental Health Coordinator
Anna Symons
Anna SymonsAdministrative Coordinator
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