We envision a society based on human rights and solidarity.

We deeply believe in the promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. We take its call to act towards one another in a spirit of solidarity seriously.

We find the process of seeking asylum in Europe to be in stark contrast to those ideals: at the European borders, asylum seekers are denied their human rights through illegal pushbacks, arbitrary detention, restriction of movement in closed camps and degrading living conditions. And now, during a global pandemic, European governments are failing to protect asylum seekers in the “hotspots ”, thus exposing them to serious medical risks.

We believe that this reality is not in accordance with the rights and freedoms that European states are bound to guarantee for everyone within their jurisdiction. Yet, asylum seekers do not have the means to access justice, as legal counselling and representation are limited by practical or administrative barriers.
IHaveRights is our answer to this intolerable reality and intends to reach beyond these limitations.

Our mission is…

Reaching out
to you

Access to justice is the pre-condition to any human right. With this website we want to reach out to you, even if you are cut off from access to NGOs and the civil society e.g. by being forced to live in a refugee camp.

Making justice accessible

We provide legal support. Any individual can address the ECHR, if they are a victim of a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. With the assistance of our human rights experts you can claim your rights in front of the ECHR.

Creating a network

Our goal is to create a network of lawyers and legal experts all over Europe in order to gather knowledge and experience. Through this network we aim to improve our services by creating new forms of requests for other target groups.

Pressuring stakeholders

We give a detailed portrayal of each individual case that we bring in front of the ECHR. By exposing the systematic, degrading conditions asylum seekers in the Greek “hotspots” have to live in, we want to put pressure on stakeholders to achieve systematic change!

Meet The Team is supported by a team of dedicated migration law experts.
All of them work as legal counsellors for the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin in Berlin or on Samos.

Franziska Schmidt
Franziska SchmidtLegal Coordination
Greta Wessing
Greta WessingProject Coordinator
Laura Knobloch
Laura KnoblochProject Coordinator
Philipp Schönberger
Philipp SchönbergerLegal Expert
Samaré Gozal
Samaré GozalTranslator
Imad Al Suliman
Imad Al SulimanTranslator
Dasha Ilic
Dasha IlicPR and Strategy