To learn more about our work, read our 2022 Annual Report.

Legal support

Individual legal support

As the asylum procedure is complex, we offer our beneficiaries individual appointments to give them a more detailed overview of the procedure. Amongst other things we support our beneficiaries with the preparation of their asylum interview and accompany them when needed ; appeals ; subsequent applications ; and family reunification. During an interview preparation IHR caseworkers explain the law, the asylum procedure on Samos and prepare beneficiaries for their interviews.

Legal information workshops

Our legal information workshops aim to provide information regarding the different stages of the asylum procedure on Samos. We also inform asylum seekers about their rights. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions to better understand the procedure. We often collaborate with Avocats Sans Frontières and Human Rights Legal Project, two other legal organisations based on Samos. We generally partner with Samos Volunteers and Selfm’aid to have a place to organise the workshops.


Informing and raising awareness

One of our advocacy objectives is to share information about the situation on Samos and in Greece. We communicate openly about the human rights abuses that we see as a legal actor on Samos to encourage European citizens to act. To do so, our advocacy and communications team uses our social media, newsletter and our website.

Pressuring political actors

We aim to pressure political actors on the national and international levels who can influence the migration policy. To do so, we write letters and work on reports to alarm stakeholders regarding the situation. We try not only to denounce the conditions experienced by people on the move but also to suggest ideas for action to bring about change. 

Giving people a public voice

We try to give people-on-the-move a public voice. Our goal is to give them the space to share their experiences if they wish to do so. We also believe it enables the public to better understand the consequences of migration policies on human beings. In order to meet this objective, we often collaborate with the Samos Advocacy Collective.

Latest advocacy projects:

Strategic Litigation

Interim measures

Filing Interim Measures before the European Court of Human Rights can require the Greek authorities to act in favour of our beneficiaries while also creating wider change for others. For example, in 2022, our application for Interim Measures on behalf of two of our beneficiaries was granted by the Court, meaning Greece was required to pay for their transport to the mainland and to provide them with accommodation, which until that point they had refused to do.

International stakeholders

We submit complaints to UN Special Rapporteurs and international Committees to support some of our beneficiaries victims of human rights violations. Our goal is to achieve systemic change based on specific cases that we support. It also enables us to raise public awareness of the human rights abuses faced by people-on-the-move.

What makes I Have Rights a significant actor on Samos?

Preparing asylum seekers for their asylum interview and informing them about their rights is fundamental for them to have a chance to obtain an international protection. With the increase in the number of arrivals to Samos over the last months and the few legal actors remaining on the island, providing asylum seekers with legal information is now even more important. In addition, since the Closed Controlled Access Centre (CCAC) of Samos opened in September 2021, the rights of people-on-the-move are further violated. The right to access a fair asylum procedure is increasingly limited and the residents of the CCAC experience various forms of detention inside the prison-like structure. The legal support we provide along with our advocacy work and strategic litigation is essential to defend the rights of people-on-the-move on Samos.