Violation of Art. 3 ECHR – exception or rule?

Each and every case we submit to the ECHR is the individual and unique story of a human being in distress. We make every case accessible and show what “degrading treatment” concretely means to the individual asylum seeker in the “hotspots”.
With each interim measure granted, proof is added to our firm belief that these cases are no exceptions, but the manifestation of a system of degradation and human rights violations.

of our clients feel unsafe or have experienced sexual violence in the “hotspot”.
of our clients report that they have received outdated or moldy food at least once.
of our clients have complained about rats/snakes/insects/bed bugs/scabies in their accommodation.
can wash their hands with soap every day.

Time our clients have to wait on average every day to get food:

0 hrs

Time our clients have to wait on average every day to receive 1.5 litres of water:

0 hrs

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